After 10 years, Labor’s litany of failed plans and broken promises have left Queenslanders without a roof over their head

Shadow Housing Minister Tim Mander

Today the Labor Government will make another announcement about Housing.

Throughout their decade in power, Queenslanders have seen Labor announce roundtables, summits, more roundtables, inquiries, countless pillars and plans.
Announcements resulting in nothing more than false hope and broken promises that have failed to put a roof over the heads of Queenslanders.

Today while they announce another plan, Labor must explain to Queenslanders what happened to all their other plans:

  • Housing Investment Fund…$2 billion announced and failed to build a single home.
  • Griffith University Accommodation… failed to deliver.
  • Homes on 90 Catholic Church parcels of land… failed to deliver.
  • 80 Prefabricated homes… failed to deliver.
  • Converting War Widow homes to social housing… never mentioned again.
  • Granny flats…failed to deliver.
  • 50,000 target for new homes… failed to deliver.
  • Community Housing… gone backwards under Labor.
  • Indigenous Housing… gone backwards under Labor.

After nearly a decade in power Labor has comprehensively failed to deliver on every housing announcement.

This Labor Government created the Queensland Housing Crisis.

Now, the longer Labor’s in power, the worse the Queensland Housing Crisis gets.

Only the LNP has the right priorities for Queensland’s future, including securing our housing foundations.

The LNP’s priorities include infrastructure partnerships with local government to unlock more land for housing, unleashing the community housing sector and setting KPIs and delivering social housing projects on-time and on-budget.

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